To quote Iggy Azalea:

"I’m the realest"

So some ask me some questions

July 27th
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I just had some thoughts that I wanted to share with you people…

July 27th
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July 27th
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Can someone post the video to Jimmy explaining his Salsa accident of 2013?

July 27th
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So when are Jimmy and Seth gonna do something together?

July 27th
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Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon on Weekend Update

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July 27th
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Jimmy tells Amy about the first time he saw her.

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July 27th
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Jimmy Fallon is accident prone

Jimmy Fallon gives his blood to his show.
Jokes aside, he’s a professional. He is fine, the show must go on.

July 27th
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Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins explain how Late Night is a classy show, and would never make a joke about a building named after late former Fort Wayne’s mayor Harry Baals. Never.

July 27th
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Back in 2010, Jimmy Fallon and Regis Philbin were in LA for the Emmys and they happened to meet by the hotel pool. Here, Regis describes exactly what he saw.

July 27th
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